The Team

Marta Martí-Ventosa

Founder and director of Gimbebé

To respect a child and childhood is to respect “them” and “their” nature. Respecting their changes, their times, their beauty, their complexity, their fragility, their greatness, their mystery, their goals, their energy… and recognizing their vulnerability and the great responsibility that is required from us to safeguard and protect them.

The Gimbebé team of teachers is made up of professional educators with specialists in psychomotricity, music, psychology, pedagogy, and languages to include native English speakers.  The team meets periodically to review and organize educational activities, program activities, and to collaborate in an effort to remain current in methodologies, educational programs, and professional development courses with the objective of keeping the pedagogical component in line with the latest educational developments and enhancements.


We are a professional team that ensures the safety, well-being, and education of our students by demonstrating the human values and cultures that are closest to their family’s while at the same time adapting the student’s individual capability to maximize his or her potential.


Each teacher in their language (Catalan, English, and Castilian) coexists with the children in their day-to-day activities so that the children listen, internalize, use, and learn within their normal daily routine.

 Encarni Algar

Nato Bukhrikidze

 Dolina Chow

 Carmen Fernández

 Manoli Gallego

  Francisco Gamiz

Marta García

 Rosa García

 Vanessa García

 Rosa Gómez

 Manuela González

 Yolanda Martínez

 Marta Martí-Ventosa

 Montse Ortiz

 Ricardo Pascual

Carolina Pereira

 Nuria Prunera

Silvia Prunera

 Laura Rodríguez

 Fernando Smolders

  Noelia Torregrosa

 Nuria Vázquez

Mayte Vicente