Our Facilities

The Exterior

Our school’s facilities are made up of 6,000 square meters of outdoor green play area and 900 square meters of indoor space divided into classrooms, bathrooms, a gym, dining rooms, and a kitchen.

The design and layout of our facilities are positioned so that the children can experiment with and develop a sense of freedom in a natural environment that will facilitate learning through play.

Gimbebé is situated on beach front property and is surrounded by pine and eucalyptus trees that enable for the development and methodology of a green school (forest school).  This is where learning is linked to a contact with nature and its elements, the development of outdoor experimentation, a health benefit to the body, and the ability to learn about one’s surroundings to further develop the child.  


The classrooms are bright and sunny and have their own bathrooms. These spaces grow, transform, and evolve at the same rate as the children since they are decorated, complemented, and changed as the academic year goes by and the children participate in this process.

 We also have a multi-purpose room that serves as a library and computer/robotics lab, where children attend in small groups.

Virtual visit to Gimbebé first level classrooms (P0, P1 y P2)

Virtual visit to Gimbebé second level classrooms (P3, P4 y P5)

Music Room and Gym

Both activities share the same room and each one has specific material that is organized and distributed according to the program directed by the professional staff. All of the students, from P0 to P5 participate in these activities twice a week.

In the music room we work with melodies, rhythm intonation, dramatization, accompaniment of varied percussion instruments and the learning of traditional songs.

In psychomotricity, the teacher accompanies the children in their physical development, and depending on the age of the child they work on different abilities such as holding up his/her head, learning how to roll over, walking without assistance, jumping, running, bouncing a ball, walking along a straight or curved line, throwing a ball, navigating a playscape or obstacle course, and introducing them to sports.