Our curriculum

Gimbebéis an Early Childhood Education School for children (0 to 6 years of age) that is recognized and certified by the Department of Education of the Generalitat de Catalunya. 

The very young children learn through the use of their senses.  While playing they experience emotions and other stimuli to help them discover the world around them.

Our curriculum is characterized by:

  • Ensuring the safety and happiness of the child.
  • Having an integral education from the human point of view (laying down the groundwork for learning and developing values) and from an academic point of view (encompassing intellectual, artistic, physical, and emotional development in relation to academic requirements).

Our methodology is based on an Active School that:

  • Encourages critical thinking (asking questions, giving opinions, expressing doubt, posing a hypothesis, debating, etc.).
  • Uses our outdoor spaces as another classroom. Our outdoor spaces turn into classrooms where more sensorial and manipulative activities take place and where natural elements form part of the learning process.
  • Respects the individuality of each child. Each child is unique and therefore, so are his/her needs and potential.
  • Creates significant learning where the child relates what he/she understands of the new material and therefore assimilates it better as he/she finds sense and logic in what is being discussed.
  • Encourages creativity (plastic arts, philosophical, social, etc.) giving our students the opportunity to reflect and express themselves.
  • Evaluates each child in an integral way.

We give a lot of importance to:

  • Linguistic development in Catalan, Castilian, and English, with a team of native speaking teachers. The coexistence of these three languages in the day-to-day educational situation, allows the children to assimilate the three languages in a natural way.
  • Musical and rhythmic education, based on methodology by Dalcoze and Wllems, transmits cultural customs and traditions and develops our students’ ability to express themselves.
  • Psychomotor education, based on the methodologies developed by Wallon, Lapierre, Aucouturier, Defontaine and Vayer, allows awareness of the body and its possibilities to master coordination and movement.
  • Values development within a secular context.
  • Civic and human education with respect to oneself and others.
  • Respect and care for our environment. We are a green school. The Forest School (Escuela-Bosque), offers caring for the vegetable garden, walks on the beach, and everything that leads us to a relationship with our environment in order to understand and care for it.
  • Embracing our culture and traditions (demonstrating and building respect for others)
  • Communication by collaborating with our students’ families regarding progress reports of each child’s educational development through periodic updates, semester reports, telephone conversations, or face-to-face communications depending on the individual family’s needs.